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Worship Celebration. Prayer Saturation.
Gospel Proclamation. Church Participation.

Nothing Impossible Week

What will happen when the Nothing Impossible God empowers a Nothing Impossible people to be the Nothing Impossible Church & proclaim the Nothing Impossible Gospel to a Nothing Impossible City? 

For nothing will be impossible with God. Luke 1:37

Training AT 
the tent

Morning worship, prayer, and training for participants, churches, and ministry partners to be sent to the streets for prayer walking & evangelism!

Sending to
the streets

Afternoon prayer walking & evangelism teams out with the local church in all 79 neighborhoods of St. Louis City.

Proclaiming At
the tent

Evening worship celebration, testimonies and gospel proclamation so that the many people will come to know Jesus.








June 5-11, 2023

In 1904 "Meet Me In St. Louis" was heard throughout the nation and nations as people descended on St. Louis for the World's Fair. Around the same time the city father's of St. Louis set a seal and declared the slogan "Nothing Impossible!" over St. Louis It is in the pioneering spirit of that declaration of our past that we are moving forward into our future during Nothing Impossible Week! Once again the nation and the nations of the earth will turn their eyes to St. Louis as a Nothing Impossible people saturate this city with worship, prayer and the gospel. People will say if God could unite and send the church of St. Louis out to bring in the harvest then Nothing Is Impossible for God!  What does the week look like? How can you get involved? What is the schedule for the week?


Tent Location For The Week

Fairground Park In North City

4061 N Grand Blvd, St. Louis, MO 63107

Above address is for the skating rink and the tent will be setup in the field behind the skating rink with parking available on Fairground Park Drive.



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